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Kelsa is Kannada for ‘work’. A word that’s very much a part of the Bangalore work culture.

Yes. We are from the IT capital of india. And we are here to change the process of building business processes - one stage at a time.

We are here to help you understand, organise & manage better. Whatever the workflow, whatever the vertical, we will help you find a method for every kind of madness.

We are the most robust & comprehensive workflow platform that’s as user-friendly as it can get. No matter who the user is.

We aim to help businesses achieve their targets easy-peasy by bridging various task processes through automated workflow software that could prove tedious otherwise.

You can set-up templates, use formulas and build the most complex business rules and conditional workflows, but with clicks instead of codes. No-code - it means you need no help.


Your workforce can now work as a team even remotely - from one virtual place. So everyone can know anything anytime. More importantly, in real-time.

You can assign tasks to teams and individuals, inside and outside organisations. You can track everything and everyone from your desktop and your phone. Anytime, anywhere.

Get a bigger and better picture of all things important on a single window. Get fine grained visibility to analyse data and make the most of it. Get a totally elevated view to be on top of things.

You can automate recurring processes so you can spend your energy where it matters. You can build and automate so you can accelerate and scale.

Today, Kelsa stands evolved as the best task management software chaining different business processes being performed in various areas.

Vision & Mission

To be leading service provider providing superior quality products and services at competitive prices.

To be globally innovative and competitive business providing 100% genuine services to our customers.

Committed to total customer satisfaction by providing quality products & services.

Welcome to Kelsa. The leaner, meaner and faster way, to not just build your workflow but also your businesses.

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