Expeditious workflow software solution that helps chain various business processes. Embarking a centralized work platform, Kelsa allows customizations allowing tailored processes. Protecting data using latest cloud security standards, Kelsa complies with your administration protocols & standards through Role-based access controls. Operations held through both web and mobile application modes.

All in real-time and in no-time

What are Kelsa’s Features?

Kelsa allows users to create, edit, manage and accelerate business processes in real-time without taking much time. It is highly customisable and collaborative. A cloud-based, hybrid tool you can use as a website or as an app - even without installing.

Kelsa evolves as your business evolves. Unlike rigid platforms, Kelsa is designed to meet the ever changing needs of businesses. It’s highly-customisable and highly-collaborative. Easy to integrate both people and processes.


Owing much to being user-friendly Kelsa is highly customizable in accordance with your precise needs.

  • Cost-effective - no prudence on cost, chopping them down indeed
  • Customizations – user-friendly work options like customized templates
  • Centralized platform – well structured and concrete workspace
  • Operations held through both web and mobile application modes
  • Workflow reduces time consumption
  • Impeccable Communication

Grow your business with Kelsa- Chalk business plans with advanced data analyzing features.

  • Analyze results using KPI based reports to iron out future business schemes.
  • Authenticate your accountability though simplified streamline processes and SLA status indicators.
  • Third parties with Cloud-based services could be integrated automatically with your business.

Collaborate your business processes and integrate with your team members. Cultivate an excellent work base to work collective conscience into your business and organization.

  • Task allocation - allocate tasks basing assigned work roles of your employees. (Complying with your Administrative protocols & standards).
  • Holistic Tracking - task level/stage completion, mark and share updates with respective members involved - at your discretion only (through role-based access).
  • Automated notifications - alerts on updates and stay updated collectively with your team members. Embark on solidarity to ensure efficiency.

Slice & dice your data as pie charts, graphs and bars in a single window to visualize data to identify bottlenecks and resolve them – with the latest project management tools.

  • Assign roles - create, edit and view reports on task levels and assign role-based members
  • Visual representation of data - slice & dice your data using bar, graphics, pie charts on a single-window dashboard
  • Approach holistic - analyze data to identify pain points and work on them to provide error-free results
  • Use specialized tools - gain insights and make improvements in real-time

Construct customized templates, analyze and automate chosen processes. Automated emails and invoice generation with no human intervention.


Essential business tools with Cloud-based data security centralized platform. Integrate effortlessly, impregnating a holistic project management system.

Whatever you do, you can do it on Kelsa easily

From streamlining existing processes to creating innovative workflows, from mining product insights to redefining business solutions, Kelsa can help you get a job done or even scale your business. All from one single platform.

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