Scrum Management & Issue Tracking

Scrum Management & Issue Tracking
Track leads, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team in one place.

Kelsa allows users to create, edit, manage and accelerate business processes in real-time without taking much time. It is highly customisable and collaborative. A cloud-based, hybrid tool you can use as a website or as an app - even without installing.

Scrum Management & Issue Tracking on Kelsa: What can you do?

Kelsa is an ideal tool to keep track of projects. Right from the on-boarding to project delivery, Kelsa comes in handy while going through each function.

Manage the complete journey of the project

Use Kelsa’s integrated webforms to gather project information while on-boarding. Organize and track who’s responsible for each modules. Create your usecase pipelines and project reports. No more jumping between the disconnected tools.

Manage the pipeline

Use pre-build/customize your own dashboards to get a clear picture of the progress made. Track your project progress every step of the way and check the status in real-time. Identify and clear issues by identifying and helping the people working on the same.

Centralised operations

Make the project development operate from one place. Send and receive ideas, files, goals and priorities within your development team. Let your entire team keep tabs on the progress from one centralised system.

Collaborate better to close more deals

Kelsa puts the focus on collaborating and sharing to improve data quality. Make sure your team is always armed with up to date information about progressions, whether in the office or on the go.

Never miss a deadline

View your tasks in the order of priority. Foresee everything to plan your work in advance. Get alerts on overdue tasks from time to time. See at a glance what needs to be done next to meet the delivery deadlines.

Measure your success

Choose the view in the dashboards that best helps you track your progression. You can view the deals by stage, projects, modules and more to evaluate the progress. Generate instant reports during or after the process to measure and improve your achievements.

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