Marketing & Design

Marketing & Design
Track leads, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team in one place.

Kelsa allows users to create, edit, manage and accelerate business processes in real-time without taking much time. It is highly customisable and collaborative. A cloud-based, hybrid tool you can use as a website or as an app - even without installing.

Marketing & Design on Kelsa: What can you do?

Your company’s marketing campaigns may be managed on Kelsa, making it an effective campaign management tool. The ability of the software to plan and organize makes it the ideal tool for marketing managers, helping them strategize and execute marketing campaigns.

Manage Campaigns

Campaigns, formulated, planned and executed for successful promotion of products and services, can be monitored and more efficiently managed, on the campaign tracking platform of Kelsa. Marketers can move resources to more successful campaigns after analysing data obtained from the Kelsa dashboard.


Apart from the tracking function, Kelsa is also a reporting tool, providing real time data, based on updated inputs provided by the user. This ability to provide latest data and reports on various campaigns makes it a sound strategy tool available to the marketer, enabling him/her to take better business decisions.

Analyzing spending and ROI

Marketing campaigns are evaluated based on their Returns on Investment versus their spending, making availability of such information imperative to the marketing department. Kelsa, by way of data interpretation tools available on its dashboard, makes this data available at all times, empowering the management to take good decisions regarding its marketing campaigns.

Collaborate better to close more deals

Kelsa puts the focus on collaborating and sharing to improve sales data quality. Make sure your sales team is always armed with up to date information about your target customers, whether at the site or via remote place.

Never miss a deadline

View your target goals in the order of priority. Foresee everything to plan your sales target in advance. Get alerts on overdue tasks from time to time. See at a glance what needs to be done next to reach the right customers.

Measure your success

Choose the view that best helps you track your strategic progress. You can view the sales data by stage, sales representative and more to evaluate the progress. Generate instant reports during or after the process to measure and improve your achievements.

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