Human Resourcing

Human Resourcing
Track leads, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team in one place.

Kelsa allows users to create, edit, manage and accelerate business processes in real-time without taking much time. It is highly customisable and collaborative. A cloud-based, hybrid tool you can use as a website or as an app - even without installing.

Human Resourcing on Kelsa: What can you do?

Kelsa is an ideal tool for any function of HR. Right from recruitment and onboarding to documentation and employee monitoring, Kelsa comes in handy while going through each function of the HR domain.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

Enter details of candidates and track their progress on the tool. The software gives you real time data for each candidate at any given time, and helps you check their progress till selection. Kelsa is the ultimate automated recruitment tool that may be used by inhouse Recruiting teams or by Job Consultancies.

Employee Induction

A newly recruited employee needs to be made to go through various orientations and processes on being inducted. The workflow of the whole set of induction processes can be mapped out and progress of the employee tracked through the Kelsa tool.

Employee Management

The entire gamut of HR functions followed within the organization and their workflow may be mapped out and tracked for every single employee, making it a tool suitable to be used as a HR Information System.


The various inputs to be considered for monthly payroll processing of employees can all be consolidated and considered for final process, with the help of the Kelsa tool.

Stay up-to-date with employee data

Staying up-to-date with employee's performance and daily routines can be tedious with an excel. This tool might be the best way to organize and store employee details and their updates.

Performance Tracking

Choose the view that best helps you track your employee performance. You can view the progress by stage, projects and more to evaluate the progress. Generate instant reports during or after the process to measure and improve the productivity.

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