Customer Service

Customer Service
Track leads, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team in one place.

Kelsa allows users to create, edit, manage and accelerate business processes in real-time without taking much time. It is highly customisable and collaborative. A cloud-based, hybrid tool you can use as a website or as an app - even without installing.

Customer Service on Kelsa: What can you do?

Good customer service adds to the overall experience the buyer had with your product or service, both before and after the purchase. Having excellent relationship management software makes all the difference in improving TAT and ensuring brand reputation.

Enquiries/complaints assigning and tracking

Customer enquiries and complaints can be recorded and assigned to the respective stakeholder and tracked till the case is resolved or closed.

Ensuring TAT

The real time tracking of case status gives the managing authority an updated picture about it, and enables them with greater ability to ensure resolution within the turnaround time.

Organizational tracking

The entire organizational structure and its workflow is mapped with the Kelsa software, thus ensuring that all the process workflows, from start to finish, are captured in one single platform. This makes it possible to track the status of the particular case vis-a-vis the entire organization, across functions, departments, SBUs and geographical locations.

Improve effectiveness of Customer Service function

Through the availability of reports and analysis of trends of complaints registered, it is possible to determine the areas of improvement for both the organization and the customer service team, thus enabling the management to come out with strategies to improve customer service.

Never miss an enquiry

View your queries in the order of their priority. Foresee everything to have your work smoother. Get alerts on overdue queries from time to time. See at a glance what needs to be done next to maintain an excellent customer relationship.

Measure your success

Choose the view that best helps you track your inbound queries progress. You can view them by stages, query type and more to evaluate the progress. Generate instant reports during or after the process to measure and improve your performance.

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